Dark Lover by JR Ward.

06 Oct

Ooh, ooh what a find!! I’ve been constantly hearing about the Black Dagger Brotherhood series in all the paranormal forums and I have to say I was actually put off a little bit by how people loved it so much because I always find myself disappointed with a book when its recommended to me by loads of people. I suppose I shoot myself in the foot because I expect too much. However, this book lived up to all the hype and in a year when my reading pace has slowed incredibly due to work and whatnot, I finished this within a day or two.

I adore Wrath, he is just this wonderfully complex character who deep down is just a big softie. Beth was very likable as the main female character and she kept her independence and strength throughout the book which made me like her more. I loved all the other brothers, even Zsadist who I think will mellow out in future books. The plotline was original and still is even though the vampire genre has expanded dramatically since this book was released in 2005. Ooh I have to give a mention to Butch, cute or what? Please let him remain in future books!

I loved this and would rate it as definitely in the top ten of my favourite books, maybe even the top five but I’ll wait to see what future books hold. Oh and I very nearly forgot to mention the sex. Oh the sex people… If you’re in any way prudish stay clear but if you’re not (like me!) enjoy!!


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