Night Star by Alyson Noel

07 Oct

Hmm, this wasn’t as bad as I actually expected. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a little OCD when it comes to finishing series that I’ve started as even though I have only really truly enjoyed one book in this, the Immortals series, I find myself somehow buying and reading the fifth in the series before I know it.

However saying that, for the last few books Ever has annoyed the heck out of me but in this one she only slightly irritated me which was an improvement of sorts. And I actually liked Damen again by the end of this book. Before this instalment I was totally pro-Jude, anti-Damen. This books plotlines are dismally poor though, basically they don’t really have one and looking back now I wanted to do a brief summary of what went on. Problem. Can’t remember what went on. I know Haven got very bitchy and annoying and Ever acted like that was out of character for her which it actually wasn’t. She’s been a total bitch from the first book. Miles became a much better, more solidly decent character, as did Damen. We didn’t see much of Romy and Rayne who I missed. A lot.

I think other stuff happened as well. In fact I’m nearly sure it did. I don’t really care all that much though as this is probably one of the worst series to come out of the Twilight epidemic. And the little dig the author throws in about vampires? Don’t knock whats made you get the publicity that you don’t deserve. Again, I don’t know why I’m still reading it.

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