Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger.

10 Oct
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This is my second time reading this book but the first was years ago and I don’t like writing a review for a book that’s not fresh in my mind. However I do remember liking the book when I read it the first time and although my preferences on book genres and what-not have changed I still enjoyed this. I tend to try to read a book in the chick-lit genre every once in a while, mainly because they’re just such easy, carefree reads. I see my favourite genres of books such as paranormal romance, young adult and fantasy as gourmet meals for the mind. I see chick-lit as a tasty little chocolate bar! And this was enjoyable, it can actually be quite hard sometimes to find an author in this genre who doesn’t undoubtedly venture into the overly clichéd, sappy, lovey-dovey stuff. Weisberger doesn’t do this. Obviously her most famous novel is the Devil Wears Prada but Chasing Harry Winston is actually just as good a read. She has a good style of writing that keeps you interested in all the characters.

So basically this novel is centered around three women in New York who are trying to find happiness in their lives. Adriana is a self-centered, spoilt little rich girl who at thirty years old is desperate to find a rich husband who will look after her for the rest of her life. I found Adriana wearing most of the time. She epitomizes everything I hate. She had no independence, was so obsessed with her looks and was basically not a very nice person. But somehow the author made her likable. I don’t know how she did it either but she did. And the ending does give her some credibility as a good character so you don’t feel as guilty for liking such a shallow woman.

Emmy and Leigh were much more normal and relatable. Leigh was stuck in a relationship she didn’t want even though everyone around her told her it was perfect. And Emmy just decided to make a whore out of herself for a year as she (quite respectfully) had only slept with a couple of men before her current boyfriend ends it with her.

The morals in this story are a bit dodgy you have to admit but it is an enjoyable read. And you come away from it thinking, I must meet up with the girls for a night out. I liked it but didn’t love it.

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