The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown *4 Stars*

08 Nov

So I read this years ago when I was going through my I-love-Dan-Brown-so-much I-could-die stage. Years have passed and I find myself so much more critical when it comes to reviewing him in particular, more so than any other author. I’m not usually the type of person who will look for faults but with him I do and I’m afraid they aren’t hard to find when you look. With his other books after re-reading them they dropped from 5 stars to maybe 2. I was so disappointed with the cliched writing, the totally unrealistic situations and the dismal characters. Plus every Brown book has the same plot. Once you’ve read one, you’ve pretty much read them all.

However, yes there is a bright side, the Da Vinci Code was nearly (so close) as good as I remembered it. Yes I can now see that even in this book the cliches and the similarities in plot to his other books do exist but the story behind this book is so gripping you tend to overlook those minor flaws that little bit more easily.

The Da Vinci Code is original, I will never argue on that point (although many have). For what is basically fiction, you get that could-this-be-true feeling an awful lot throughout this book. The setting is brilliant, beginning in the Lourve and then the Swiss bank and onto London and Scotland. I just loved all these ‘real famous places’ being used as crime scenes and clues in a Holy Grail quest. There was something very Indiana Jones about it. Also never has Brown’s style of books being told in real time worked better. It just adds to the atmosphere of the whole story.

The actual storyline involves so much fact mixed in with the fiction, it really makes it so interesting a read. Although all of Browns books do this, never does it work as well as it does in the DaVinci Code. I love the references to the Last Supper and Rosslyn chapel. I’ve actually visited Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland after reading this book for the first time and he has a lot of the details correct, so he clearly is a man who does his research and does it well. (I didn’t find any subterranean vault though!) And as for the Last Supper, I’ve never looked at that painting the same since.

I enjoyed this so much I’m gonna give it 4 stars. I’ll drop one because Brown, I am so wise to your antics now…

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