Tempted by P.C. and Kirstin Cast

14 Nov

There’s no doubt about it but this series is only getting better and better. In every instalment of the House of Night Series I find myself falling more in love with every one of the characters, even the bad guys. It’s one of the best written young adult series that I’ve ever read.

Zoey, our main character, is a really normal teenager other than the fact that she is a vampyre. Also she’s a pretty amazing vampyre, as in she’s just a fledgling but has already become a High Priestess. Ok so she’s not that normal in the typical sense but I just really enjoy the way the author makes her seem so real. She has feelings she shouldn’t have for people, she makes bad choices sometimes but she’s a good person inside. She’s just not perfect but who is?

Also love Stark and Heath her Vampyre Warrior and her Human Consort. Stark is just this cheeky, loveable rogue and Heath is just plain adorable. So, so glad Zoey gave Eric the old heave-ho cos he was irritating the hell out of me. Oh and let’s just set aside a few words for Kalona. How yum does he sound? I know he’s evil and all but still, he has wings… I like that Zoey was torn over what to do about Kalona as so was I. I feel like there is some good there but barely.

As for Stevie Rae and Rephaim, I don’t know what to make of it really. I mean I’m all for a good romance, especially if someone is evil and the other person can show them the error of their ways but I’m not sure Rephaim can be saved. He’s seems so evil and he killed Anastacia in cold blood. I’m not sure just how Stevie Rae can get around that and even if she does, I don’t think all her friends will be won over quite as easy.

This series keeps getting better and it’s definitely becoming one of my favourite to date. I just hope they never stop coming.


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