Son of a Witch by Gregory Maguire

19 Nov
Son of a Witch

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Okay so it’s been awhile since I read Wicked but I found myself finding my way around Oz so much easier this time. It surprised me how easy I fell back into the author’s style of writing and the whole concept of Oz. He does have a distinct way of writing and the Oz he’s created is so much richer in detail than the Oz we all know that in the first book I struggled with separating my original idea of Oz with his new one. In Son of a Witch however, it was so much easier to fall back into his world.

Liir is a weird character. He’s not someone you fall instantly in love with and at times you may even find yourself hating him just a little bit. However his story is really gripping and I couldn’t tear myself away for the most part. In the beginning the plot floats between Liir’s past, what happened him after Elphaba died, and the mauntery where is lying in a coma. It’s quite interesting to see what happened after Dorothy killed the Wicked Witch and was sent home as we never saw this at all in the original. It was nice to see the Scarecrow turned out to be a fairly nice character as they had all been portrayed as idiots in the first book, even though we only meet him for a few moments.

Back to Liir, he is really a strange person. There’s some good in him definitely but we also see a lot of bad as he struggles to find a place for himself in the world of Oz. I really enjoyed the whole relationship with Candle that came near the end and I wished it had turned out a little better. Also enjoyed Trism but the gay reference confused me as I wasn’t really sure where the author was going with that. Liir struggled with any human relationship he had, seeming to really only be able to interact well with Animals.

Overall the whole setting of Oz and the characters and the plot were at times mesmerizing and at times lacklustre. I really am struggling to identify my feelings for this book because I loved the whole premise of the story and I definitely found myself gripped for a large portion of the book but… There were also definitely parts where I was waiting for that chapter to finish and was left wondering what the hell was that about? I think the only way to describe it is that it was an okay story with good characters in an amazing setting.

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