You Belong To Me by Karen Rose

26 Nov

Okay so this is the first Karen Rose book I’ve ever read and I have to say that I definitely enjoyed it. There were also definitely parts that were a bit unrealistic to say the least but overall it was a good thriller.

So first ridiculously unrealistic part was the main two characters love affair. ‘They‘re eyes met across a crowded crime scene’… Come on! They immediately fall head over heels for eachother having never even spoken before and end up having sex in an alley way in between finding dead bodies. Now I’m usually all for sex in alleys but this was just a tad inappropriate considering he’s the detective on a case where she’s a suspect. And I don’t care that he KNEW she didn’t do it because he just knows her. No you don’t you met her like five minutes ago.

Second ridiculously unrealistic part was that every single character in the book had a dead wife, child, husband, brother etc. JD had a dead wife, Lucy had a dead brother and a dead fiance, Stevie’s husband and child died. And they all died in really weird ways, JD’s wife got killed in a diving accident, Lucys brother died in a motorbike accident and her fiance in a car accident and Stevie’s husband and child got killed in a robbery. Maybe they should refocus their energies on finding out why the hell people are dying to get away from them?

However I will stop my rant there as other than these two pretty major flaws, the book was quite good. The plot was interesting with the bad guy picking off the people who he thought were involved in his sisters rape and death. I actually felt a bit sorry for him and most of the characters that he killed pretty much deserved what they got anyway. That may be a bit harsh but it is true. I’m not all that sure whether I’d read a Karen Rose book again. It would have to really sound interesting, then maybe.

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