City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (Mortal Instruments, Book 1)

03 Jan

Hmm… Well it wasn’t bad. I mean it wasn’t ohmygod brilliant either. In the beginning I kind of got this whole Harry Potter vibe from it with a bit of Harry Dresden mixed in and a dash of Twilight but by the end I’m not really sure does it deserve all these comparisons.

First of all Clary is great and Cassandra Clare really does know how to write good characters, I also adored Simon and Jace. Clary is a funny, typically insecure teenager but her friendship with Simon made her stand out from the Bella Swans of this world. It was cute and funny and her relationship with Jace evolved into something similar. I loved the whole humor element in Clare’s writing style.

The plot was okay, bit scrambled in places and a bit too many twists and turns, I find that usually one good twist is better than a hundred non-significant ones. I did like the whole Shadowhunter world that the author has created and find myself more intrigued about various creatures and places half mentioned in the book than the actual plotline which I suppose isn’t actually a good thing.

Beware of spoilers in this paragraph. The ending was blah. They’re brother and sister? The two characters who we’ve grown to love and were hoping would end up loving each other? The two characters who kissed in the greenhouse so passionately? (Yuck by the way) I was disappointed to say the least. It was nearly as bad as just having Clary sit up in bed and say ‘Oh, it was all a dream’. Brother and sister? Like really? Does this somehow miraculously become irrelevant in the next book can someone please tell me because otherwise where is the author going with this story. I don’t know and I’m not overly pushed to find out. Ultimately disappointing.

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