A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

15 Jan

I just adore Cecelia Ahern’s writing style. She has this amazing ability to write what is essentially a fantasy novel but somehow make it come across as a normal fiction book that contains events that could definitely happen in real life. This book was no different.

Basically the book centers around Sandy Shortt who is a person with what comes across as OCD in that she cannot accept the fact that some things and some people just go missing and never turn up. Since the day she was ten years old and a girl she knew disappeared she is obsessive about keeping track of all her belongings and this nature follows her into adulthood where she eventually ends up running a missing persons agency. During one of her expeditions looking for one particular missing man she enters into some other place, a parallel universe if you want, where all missing things and people end up. Not only does she find some of her missing items that she has lost throughout her life but she also finds people that she had been searching for years through her agency.

I just love the ability that Ahern has to tell this story and make you completely believe it. I put it down thinking , I wish with all my heart that this was true. Maybe poor little Madeline McCann is in this place along with my copy of Dead Until Dark and that one earring I lost last week. But seriously I would actually think this might give people who have someone in their lives that have gone missing a little hope that maybe, just maybe, their loved one is happy and safe somewhere.

I don’t know why I’ve denied myself a Cecelia Ahern book for so long and it’s not something I’ll be doing again in the future.

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