Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris (Harper Connelly #2)

15 Jan

This was better than its predecessor that’s for sure but unfortunately it still wasn’t fantastic. I found myself gripped a good bit more by the characters and the plotline though so I’m hoping that this series is slowly getting better.

Basically the story follows Harper and Tolliver as they find themselves involved in another missing persons case which swiftly evolves into a murder investigation. The plot wasn’t perfect and there were definitely some fairly unrealistic parts. However the minor characters were more relatable this time round and I found myself liking Harper a hell of a lot more.

I didn’t see myself enjoying the whole love affair between Harper and Tolliver that you could sense from the first book was going to be inevitable but I’m actually kind of rooting for them to be together. I think because Harris put more emphasis on the fact that they are not real brothers and sisters in this book was one of the main reasons I started to believe in the storyline a lot more. Even so it’s still a little bit icky…

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