Jack and Jill by James Patterson (Alex Cross #3)

15 Jan

This may have been the best Patterson novel I’ve ever read including all stand-alone’s and other series of his, it was that good! It was full of action from the get-go especially that there wasn’t just one killer, there wasn’t even just two, there was three. Two working together as Jack and Jill who are murdering well-known celebrities and then also the Truth School killer who’s murdering little kids. Both are shocking cases but maybe for different reasons.

There is an element of racism in this book as their seems to be with all of the Cross novels. The kids being killed by the Truth School killer are black and the celebrities are both white, rich and powerful, so guess who gets the most attention from the police force in Washington? Of course Alex contests this strongly but is forced into working more on the Jack and Jill case by his superiors. He still works on the child murders as much as he can though proving how a lovely, honest character he truly is.

The whole element with the President assassination was really gripping and I thought it was quite brave of an author to tackle something so monumentally huge. It really is the biggest crime you could probably commit in America and it will write you into the history books, something Jack and Jill are counting on. Very good book, gripping and how a thriller should be. Thrilling!


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4 responses to “Jack and Jill by James Patterson (Alex Cross #3)

  1. Shawn Weisser

    January 16, 2012 at 12:30 am

    You left a comment on my blog but it came out as jibberish! LOL! Looking forward to reading Jack & Jill, thanks for the review!


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