The Black Dagger Brotherhood Insiders Guide by JR Ward

15 Jan

This is definitely essential reading if you’re a BDB fan!! It has loads of little tidbits of interesting info about the brothers and you get to see a lot more of them too. Ward has a really interesting way of explaining how she writes the BDB books. Apparently the brothers have just picked her to tell their story and she is just going along with it for as long as they have her!

I liked this but I do feel you have to be a major fan to enjoy this as otherwise a lot may be lost on you. The parts about writing tips and help on becoming an author are really good if that interests you. I thought what she said about the fact that just because you are not published or that you don’t even let other people read your material does not mean you are not an author. You are. Thought that was really cool.

I liked this, it had everything, tidbits of info on future books, new material with each of the brothers (by the way you will fall in love with Zsadist even more), tips on writing if you’re an aspiring author and of course the essentials for JR Ward books, lots of humor and sex!!


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2 responses to “The Black Dagger Brotherhood Insiders Guide by JR Ward

  1. Tilly Slaton

    January 16, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Aww man! I’m a huge fan, and I have yet to read this book! Will do do this month :). Think you for the information ❤


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