Blood Money by Arlene Hunt (QuicK Investigations #5)

17 Jan

Another great installment from Hunt who just seems to keep getting better and better. I really hope she starts to get some recognition internationally soon as she really does deserve it. I feel she’s just as good as any Connelly or Billingham book I’ve read recently. I do think it’s a lot tougher for Irish writers to break into the crime genre internationally than any other though as I suppose it’s easy to imagine London or Washington as the setting but Dublin isn’t as familiar to most people.

However that does not take from the fact that this book is up there with some of the best crime novels I’ve ever read. The topic of this book was the black market for organs which I have always found interesting as I didn’t really understand how something like that would work. She develops the plot in such an interesting way that the story is just gripping. You get to see the real humans on both sides of the donation. These are desperate people who are being played by money hungry, evil humans at the worst time of their lives.

I was surprised that Sarah stayed away for the whole book but I was even more surprised by the fact that I didn’t really find myself missing her all that much. John was always my favourite anyway but he outshone himself in this book. I do hope that he finds happiness though so I hope he finds Sarah in the next installment and we get some kind of a happy ending!!

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