Hunted by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night #5)

17 Jan

Love, love, love this series!! They’re just written so well in that you feel you get to really know the characters inside out, their good and bad sides. In this book the whole theme gets a lot darker and we see Zoey and her friends living outside th House of Night for the first time. I thought I would hate to see the House of Night go from the book as the backdrop as when this happened in the HP series with Hogwarts I really badly missed it. However in this series I felt that the fledglings new living quarters down in the old prohibition tunnels were really interesting and I saw myself visualising the different rooms and tunnels. We do return to the House of Night during the book anyway so it was only a short substitute if you’re missing it badly!

Zoey kind of gets back with Erik in this book which I didn’t think was a good idea from the get go. I don’t like him and I think any remaining fans of his will be put off in this installment. He becomes this uber-possessive, controlling jerk who thinks Zoey is up for the ride basically. Still mad about Heath, he is so darn cute I want to cuddle him. And Stark… Oh how fit does Stark sound? Lots. I know its wrong and you know, so does Zoey, but if she has to pick both a human consort and a vampyre mate then I hope its Heath and Stark and Erik is kicked out on his pretty ass.

My favourite part of the House of Night series are the humor. The author has a brilliant way of writing that actually literally sounds like it’s coming from a seventeen-year-old girl. But not a stupid, annoying, self-centered girl but a funny, intelligent, kind and wise for her years girl! I love these books and cannot wait to read the next one, I’m actually hoping for Kalona’s return he sounds so gorgeous!


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