Kiss The Girls by James Patterson (Alex Cross #2)

17 Jan

This was a really, really good Patterson novel. I am a fan of his anyway but this was just gripping stuff. Sometimes Patterson can be a bit touch and go, I feel, sometimes his books can be a bit too long and overdrawn but this was pretty much perfect. Alex Cross is as always a really interesting, nice and exciting character. You cant help but fall in love with him.

This, the second novel in the Cross Series, centers around the disappearance of a large number of women in the North Carolina region. These missing women include Naomi Cross, Alex’s niece. Obviously things get a bit personal for Alex but he perseveres. Casanova, as the killer is known, is a really evil character. The parts with him and his collection of abducted women who he keeps locked in a maze of rooms underground are quite disturbing to say the least. The rape scenes are quite graphic so if you’re squeamish about this it might be best to stay clear.

I personally think that even though these scenes are disturbing and shocking they add to the story!


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