Lover Awakened by JR Ward (BDB #3)

17 Jan

This was my favourite of the BDB series so far. Zsadist, as I said in my review of the first book, does have a nice side even if it’s buried so far underneath his mean, evil side that even he doesn’t know it exists! Even though I adored all the BDB series so far I found I was the most gripped by this installment. Zsadist’s and Bella’s story is just so sad and moving but yet so passionate and violent it just makes it adrenaline pumping stuff.

I adore Zsadist he is my favourite brother officially. He’s the most complicated, the most mysterious and the one with the biggest amount of baggage! Bella is perfect for him as although she wants to bring out his gentle side she won’t take any shit from his evil side either! The main plotline centers around Bella and Zsadist obviously with their struggle to come to terms with the fact that both of them are falling in love with someone neither of them could have imagined being with. The sub-plots were David, the lesser, and his struggle to retain some of his…, can we call it humanity? He doesn’t succeed well but he does persevere. Phury also has a role in this book with his feelings for Bella which he struggles to hold back and his slight addiction to some red smoke drug. We also see more of Butch who I’m guessing the next novel is going to be centered around because of where we leave him. Brilliant book, my only worry is that how can it get any better?

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One response to “Lover Awakened by JR Ward (BDB #3)

  1. bookxoxo

    January 20, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    Again, a great review and I appreciate the fact that you mentioned the sub-plots. Who does this anymore — NO ONE! So pleased to read a review that is thoughtful and worth reading! (clapping)


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