Betrayed by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night #2)

18 Jan

I’m so, so glad that I found this series. It’s seriously one of the best series I’ve read since, dare I say it, Harry Potter! It reminds me so much of HP at times, with the whole boarding school situation and whatnot. I really, really like Zoey as the main character. She’s so different from most of the other young adult books main protagonists. She’s strong-willed, independent, fierce and brave. She’s not afraid of her new-found abilities, for the most part she openly embraces them. Unlike the Immortal series where Ever, the main character, is such a weak little wimp.

The plot in this book was better than the first with the author developing on from Zoey’s sightings of “ghosts” in the first book. The first book mostly dealt with Zoey arriving at the House of Night and getting used to her new life and beating the school bully at her own game in the finale. In this book however the author delves further into the whole House of Night series’ world and its hidden dark side. I loved the development of some characters such as Heath, Stevie Rae and Damien. You really get to know them even better in this installment. Makes me long for the next book. Oh and love the whole sexual tension between Zoey and her three conquests! I know it’s a young adult book and all but can’t wait til she gets it on with one of them!

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