Dark Flame by Alyson Noel (Immortal Series #4)

18 Jan

This was better than the last few Immortal books in my opinion. It had a better flow and most importantly Ever got over her very annoying depression stage. From the beginning she was so negative about everything I couldn’t believe the author herself couldn’t see how she was killing her character’s personality.

The characters in this book have been really brought along, like Jude and Ava. I’m not as in love with Jude anymore, I believe he might be a little bit more sneaky than we had originally thought and Ava actually seems to be less so! Havens character is just annoying in my opinion though and I was glad she was barely in this book even though the last books ending was all centered on her. For a girl Ever claims to be her best friend, she’s not and never was a very nice person. I don’t get that relationship to be honest.

The plotline was good this time around with Ever being addicted to magick and whatnot. Thought her obsession with Roman was really good actually and my dark side wanted her to go through with it! I presume the next book will be about Haven’s revenge which doesn’t excite me really but I have to say I enjoyed reading this book which I haven’t said about the Immortal series since the first installment so that’s got to mean something doesn’t it!

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