Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz (Christopher Snow #1)

18 Jan

Okay so for the most part this book is quite fast-paced and exciting but it does lack realism quite a bit. Yes I know Koontz is a sci-fi writer but monkeys taking over the world? That may have been taken things a little too far.

I thought the main character of Christopher Snow was really original, I loved the whole XP thing. He was such a positive person even though he faced so much doom and gloom in his life. The plot was pretty cool too before the monkeys got involved.

I feel like it was a brilliant book which just took a wrong turn somewhere along the way which made it laughably stupid at times. Maybe if he had said that they were escaped humans with a mutated virus or something? I don’t know. I do realise that humans with mutated viruses are probably less of a threat to mainstream society than monkeys are in reality but it would have made the book better I’m convinced of it! Oh and the carefree attitude of the main characters got more than a little irritating, especially towards the end. Anyway it was pretty good but it could have been so much better…

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