Lover Eternal by JR Ward (BDB Book 2)

18 Jan

Oh dear God these books are fantastic!! This may have been even better than Dark Lover. Rhage is just the sexiest character ever between him being so ultra tough when needed and then turning into this extra sensitive guy aswell! Makes me weak at the knees! Mary Luce is a lovely female character too and you cant help but sympathise with her over her whole cancer ordeal!

The plotline is basically centered around Rhage and Mary and their turbulent lovelife but there are little subplots also taking place throughout the book! My favourite of which focuses on Zsadist and Bella. Cannot wait to read Lover Awakened to see how that turns out!! You learn a bit more about all the Brothers in this book and Im really intrigued to see how Tohrment and John fair out and also Vishous is really exciting with his amazing attribute of not only being able to read minds but see the future too. By the way how much do I love their names? Alot!!!

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One response to “Lover Eternal by JR Ward (BDB Book 2)

  1. bookxoxo

    January 20, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Do you know what I liked best about your review? THAT IT WAS YOUR WORDS! You have no idea how much I cringe at the people that just reblog the back cover of a book and then say barely a paragraph of mindless dribble about THEIR opinion of the book! No one wants to read a blog that says what we already know.
    Thank you for writing your own words with enthusiasm and personal insight! So happy to add you to my follow list!


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