Marley by John Grogan

18 Jan
Marley & Me

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I absolutely loved this book! If you’re an animal lover at all you’ll be able to empathise with this dog-owner’s story throughout the whole book. I have my own dog, a springer spaniel, and she is just as lively as Marley especially when we first got her the amount of muddy laundry we had to rewash belonging to our neighbours and sheepishly hand back was not even funny!

This book is a great little story of how a dog can give you what most humans never can. Unwavering loyalty and love. Doesn’t matter if you roar and scream at a dog for eating your favourite pair of shoes, she’ll still come up wagging her tail and licking your face two minutes later. Doesn’t matter if you have no job and no money a dog will sit with you through it all with a never-ending supply of kisses to cheer you up. Your dog won’t get angry with you, won’t hold a grudge, won’t talk about you behind your back and will never get sick of you. I believe and obviously so does John Grogan that a dog is definitely the best friend a man (or woman!) can have!

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