Undertow by Arlene Hunt (QuicK Investigations #4)

18 Jan

I really am beginning to think of Arlene Hunt as one of my favourite authors and this instalment in the QuicK Investigations Series didn’t change my opinion one little bit. It was another great crime story with a very original plotline and the same interesting characters. This book centers around trafficking of women into Ireland and two young men who get caught up in the whole world and have to pay the price.

I really love the way Hunt narrates her books, one minute from Sarah or Johns point of view and the next from the thug, bad guy and the next from the poor pregnant victim and so on. It really gives you a better insight into the whole plot as you’re not just seeing it from one or two points of view but up to ten or twelve! And as it seems is the norm for Hunt her extra non-important characters becoming so interesting you feel you will actually miss them in the next book.

Another great novel by a really brilliant Irish author. I would recommend her books to anyone who enjoys the crime or thriller genre.


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