Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon #1)

19 Jan

I’m afraid no longer do I gasp in awe at Brown’s books. They have lost a lot of their wow factor because as an older reader I see through a lot of the more cliché episodes such as the ‘strikingly beautiful but strong’ women characters, the ‘evil but deep down meant well’ bad guy and of course the Knight in shining armour in the shape of Langdon. I wish Brown would shake it up a bit with his plotlines as most of his books are the exact same plot wise.
However what makes Browns books such a success is not the plot or the characters really. It lies in the environment with which he bases his stories. In Angels & Demons, he quite literally hit the jackpot. Basing it on the Christian faith and the many untold mysteries in their history was genius. The events in the book all taking place mainly within the Vatican city was also a smart, smart move. Everybody wants to know about secret passages for the Pope to escape or hidden underground vaults. Places that because none of the main public would ever be allowed access to these areas in real life, we will never know exist or not.
Angels & Demons is undeniably a good book. But it is far from perfect.

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