Blue Moon by Alyson Noel (Immortals Series #2)

19 Jan

Oh well I suppose it could never truly live up to the first installment. It wasn’t bad or anything but it definitely wasn’t as good as Evermore. In the previous book I felt that one of the main good things about it were that the characters weren’t perfect and they all had flaws. In this one the author took it a step too far in Ever’s character and made her extremely annoying.

The absence of Damen, coupled with Ever’s friends Haven and Miles becoming horrible people didn’t help either. By the end the only character we are dealing with is Ever which makes the situation of her becoming an annoying cow all the more detrimental to the book. Damen becoming an arrogant asshole didn’t help matters either and the whole situation with him and Stacia was weird.

However it wasn’t all bad, the introduction of Roman and the two twins, Romy and Rayne was interesting. The expansion on Ava’s character was disappointing however, she turns out to be a lot more shallow than I expected. The plot was okay, interesting enough with the new bad guy in Roman but I hated the ending. I actually fear the next book. It could get better, I really hope so, or it could deteriorate into mindless drivel. We’ll see.

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