Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games #2)

19 Jan

I wondered how Collins was going to outdo the first in the trilogy without the arena of The Hunger Games as an amazing environment to place a plot. The answer is she couldn’t. The first half of the book plods along slightly aimlessly without a huge amount happening. However as the author probably realised she needed a bit of omph and so Katniss and Peeta were once again thrown back into the arena.

Now that I have that gripe over and done with I will say that from the moment President Snow announced that they were heading back into the arena the book picked up in pace and heart. It felt once again as good as its predecessor. I honestly don’t know how Collins will work a third book where she really can’t possibly put the characters back into the arena without losing a certain amount of credibility but I am intrigued by District 13 so I’m hoping it will be a good final book in a trilogy that I have for the most part thoroughly enjoyed.

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