Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #10)

19 Jan

Good god these books just keep getting better and better! I read this in one sitting after getting it in the post and having an unexpected few hours off work. I am absolutely devastated that this is the last one out at the moment though I can’t believe I’ve no Sookie til later in the year!

The storyline to this one is super interesting with Eric’s maker and his new brother coming for an unexpected visit. Sookie is very unhappy with the thought that Eric has to do whatever his maker wants him to do whenever he wants him to do it. However Ocella isn’t the worst vampire in the world it’s Eric’s new brother Alexai that’s the danger.

I also really enjoyed the re-introduction and deeper character portrayal of Claude and Hunter. Claude is actually quite a humorous character and I begun to look forward to moments with him. Hunter is just a lovely sweet kid and I hope Sookie continues to help him as he grows up.

All in all a brilliant story don’t think it could possibly have been better!

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