Shadowland by Alyson Noel (Immortals Series #3)

19 Jan

This was slightly better than the horror that was Blue Moon, however it still didn’t reach the heights of the first in the series. I did like the introduction of Jude who I thought was a really cool character and an interesting opponent for Damen in the quest for Ever’s love. The author’s description of him was just yum! Please god don’t make him become a werewolf or something along those lines. I’m sick of vampires and werewolves going hand-in-hand in every paranormal romance book. (Yes I realise Damen is not a vampire but you can see what I mean)

Ever is once again annoying in this book, just not to the extremes of the previous installment. Her lack of good decision-making, paranoia and self-involvement makes you want to throw a brick at her head, though much good it would do being that she’s immortal and all. Also, and I promise this is the last bad thing I’ll mention, Haven and Miles are also self-involved, annoying, bitchy little people aren’t they? Does anyone see this other than me?

Now the good points were the aforementioned Jude, the re-introduction of the twins (love them), the interesting plot and the bad guy Roman. I may be strange in saying this but I can’t help but kinda like this guy! He’s fun, dangerous and sounds freaking gorgeous, what’s not to like?! Maybe a darker side of Ever will emerge in later books and we might get to see some more of him (, nudge nudge)!!

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