The Fury and The Reunion by LJ Smith (Vampire Diaries Books 3 & 4)

19 Jan

Blah, blah, blah… that’s mostly what I felt during the entire reading experience of this book. Between the two books, the Fury and the Reunion I actually can’t decide which I preferred. Actually it might be better to say which one I disliked the least. The characters are dismally boring most of the time, the only one that’s halfway interesting is Damon and unfortunately we don’t see a whole lot of him in either book. Both revolve around Stefan and Elena, and Bonnie in the Reunion. The characters are the worst thing about the books. If they improved on this, plotwise, setting-wise and atmosphere-wise the books are stronger.

Now that I’ve my rant of my chest there were some things I liked. I liked the plot in both books with Elena as a vampire in the first one and the whole Klaus mystery in the second one. Both plots could have been even better with better written characters of course. The setting of Fell’s Church, like the forest in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series and Forks in the Twilight Saga, is very atmospheric and adds to the drama of every scene. The end of the Reunion was my favourite part of the whole series so far actually and Fell’s Church and its history is a big reason why. This may sound like a compliment but considering the content of the series so far its really not…

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