Creed by James Herbert

21 Jan

Mmmm…this wouldn’t really be my usual type of book but it wasn’t bad at all. I’m not so much into to horror so I’m not entirely sure why I bought a collection of Herbert’s books but this was the first one I attempted anyway. It started off well and I really like Herbert’s style of writing, it’s very easy to read and you really connect with the main character Joe Creed because the author so readily admits he has many faults. There’s no point in hiding them when it comes to Creed, they’re way too obvious and abundant.
It was fast paced and interesting and of course at times quite scary. However it was never terrifying and it was more a kind of mind game book which didn’t really appeal to me. By the end I’m not sure what actually happened and what they made Creed believe happened but I think that’s kind of what the author wanted. The reader to be unsure as to what’s real and what’s not.
I’m tempted to give the rest of Herbert’s books away, not because they’re bad but because it’s just not a favourite genre of mine. I may attempt one more after some time has passed, I’ll see!!

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