City of Bones by Michael Connelly (Harry Bosch #8)

24 Jan

Okay I was given this book by my father who absolutely loved it. I can’t say that I feel the same however. It started well and definitely kept me reading throughout as it was quite fast paced. I loved the main character Bosch. He was a refreshing change from the usual hardened cops in most thrillers.
He was actually kind, caring and smart! He cared about the people he was interviewing whether he thought they were guilty or not. I personally thought that was incredibly refreshing to read compared to the usual hard ass I’ve-seen-it-all cop characters we usually see.
The bad points in this book for me was the ending which I thought in the end seemed rushed as if he kind of gave up on the story. Even though we have a fair idea who the killer is by the end it still remains slightly inconclusive which always irritates me I don’t see the point in writing a thriller about a murder and leaving it kind of solved but kind of not solved. There were also loads of other subplot loose ends which were never tied up either which also got on my nerves.
However the major body of the book was entertaining and kept me interested.

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