Midnight’s Daughter by Karen Chance (Dorina Basarab #1)

24 Jan

So bought this over three years ago in a tiny shop in the middle of no where in west Clare and it’s been sitting on my shelf since then gathering dust. Why? Cos I forgot it was there basically. Every now and then my eye would pass over it thinking, I really must give that book a try and so (it took me awhile but I got there) eventually that’s exactly what I’ve done and what a treat I’ve been denying myself. Karen Chance is a really good paranormal/fantasy author.

It took me a couple of chapters to warm to Dorina but boy by the end I loved her! She was slightly different to the JR Ward and Hamilton characters of the literary world by being both female and a dhampir (half vampire, half human). She was a strong, take-no-shit female who you grow to really, really love.

The whole plotline with finding Dracula and the introduction of characters along the way, I really enjoyed. My main favourites are, of course, Louis-Cesare, Radu and my all-time favourite character, Stinky! Louis-Cesare is irresistible to me like all vampires are inevitably, Radu is just hilarious with his inappropriate concern about completely mundane things during a chaotic battle scene (don’t upset the chef!) and Stinky is the most adorably, stupid, loyal, cute Duergar that I’ve certainly ever come across (although can’t say I’ve come across many)!

However (there’s always something) I found the battle scenes towards the end a little too chaotic. I wasn’t sure at some points what exactly was going on and I got totally confused by the whole Louis-Cesare thing, first he’s dead, then he’s alive and then he’s dead again and then multiply that by at least three. I won’t tell you the eventual outcome to prevent spoilers but it was a tad confusing to me!

Anyway I definitely enjoyed it and I will certainly be buying more of Chance’s books. I always love to find a good paranormal romance novelist and she’s definitely one.

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