The Host by Stephanie Meyer

24 Jan

Ok so this is not Twilight but essentially it’s all the same characters and similar plotlines just aliens instead of vampires. Saying that, it’s a more enjoyable read than most of the books in the Twilight saga with the exception of Twilight itself.

I liked the whole aliens taking over the world without violence idea and that they were really trying to make the world a better place not just trying to conquer it. The joint main character of Wanda and Melanie is interesting although you seriously want to shake Wanda at times for being so weak but so does Melanie so that kind of makes up for it.

However I do think that Stephanie Meyer is a sucker for a happy ending and the book lacks a big dramatic final ending just like the Twilight saga did. Of course you want to see all characters live happily ever after but they’re all so freaking happy and life is just a bit too easy for them considering they’re living in practical captivity while their planet is taken over by aliens. I don’t think she likes writing evil characters as we only have one half-assed bad guy and even she gets a happy ending.

Ok…now my mini rant is over with I still think Stephanie Meyer  good books and she somewhat deserves the plaudits that are being heaped on her but, and its only a small but, she needs to learn how to kill off characters for that extra bit of umph in her books.

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