The Husband by Dean Koontz

24 Jan

Well I only read The Taking from Dean Koontz before and I really enjoyed it. This however is a very different book altogether. It’s just so badly written it’s hard to even read at times. It begins fairly well with a great first two chapters that get the ball rolling, full of suspense, horrors and mysteries.

Then the story goes from being an original story to a total ridiculous farce. So many twists and turns its hard to keep up… My main dislike about the story was the ease with which the main character becomes such a cruel person and then the ease with which he returns to normal at the end.

Don’t even get me started on the end. The reason the author skipped forward a few years at the end was because even he couldn’t think of how to tie up all the loose ends so he just gave the characters a happy ending without explaining how they got it. Boring….


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