Tickling the English by Dara O Briain

25 Jan

Well first of all I would like to say that I am a huge Dara O Briain fan and absolutely love his work! Raging he left the Panel for the English equivalent but hey I understand his plight.

This book was hilarious at times with definite laugh-out-loud moments but I do think you would have to have seen Dara’s work before to fully get most of his intended sarcasm and wit but then if you’re buying the book chances are you’re a fan of the man!

It does start off a little slow and I wasn’t a huge fan of the bits about all the history behind all of the English towns he was touring through but then it’s not my country to be interested in, no offence to any English out there. The bits describing all his shows and some of the things that audience members spoke to him about were the shining moments of the book and the main reason I was looking forward to reading it.

To sum it up it’s a good, funny read to pass a couple of hours and I think it will go down a storm over in England with any luck! Just don’t forget us Dara!

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