The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson (Millennium Trilogy #3)

26 Jan

Wow this was really, really good!! I thought the first book in the millennium trilogy was highly over rated but the second two really improve. Girl who kicked the hornet’s nest just improves on girl who played with fire. Even though it’s a hunk of a book it never once gets boring as it’s written in such a fast paced style you’ll never find it tedious.

Salander as usual is the best thing in it, I loved seeing what she would come up with next. Blomkvist is slightly annoying and his romance with Figuerola seems to be a bit pointless as if the author felt he should have some romance in the book so he shoved this in. I don’t get the whole premise of him sleeping with up to three different women simultaneously and none of them minding all that much. But its a minor flaw as there isn’t that much attention paid to his love life in the final book. It’s as if even Larsson got bored with it!! Niedermann is such an evil character I love him!

All in all a brilliant book the only truly bad point may be that some people may be intimidated by the book’s size but please don’t let that put you off it’s well worth it!! Enjoy…


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