Lover Mine by JR Ward (BDB #8)

12 Feb

I was really looking forward to this book because John Matthew is one of my favourite characters in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and boy did it live up to expectations…

Of course no one in this series has had an easy ride to their penultimate happy ending and John is no different. We begin the story where Lover Avenged left off with Xhex abducted and being held against her will by Lash, the new Fore-Lesser in the Lessening Society who also happens to be the first half-vampire, half-lesser ever created. And man is he a cruel, evil, son-of-a-bitch. He does the unspeakable to Xhex and tears her apart both physically and emotionally. However she remains strong by some amazing inner strength that seems to have a lot to do with her sympath side and eventually as Lash begins to weaken some bit she manages to escape. The scene where John is in the room where she is being held captive but is unable to see her is heart-breaking by the way, be prepared.

When Xhex escapes John brings her back to the Brotherhood compound where she begins to heal both physically and mentally. And inevitably the love affair between her and John ensues in dramatic form! They are a couple so evenly matched in physicality and shared histories that it seems obvious to everyone but them that they are meant to be together forever. I found it great seeing a female who was more than capable of looking after herself in the battlefield. It was quite refreshing actually. So far we’ve seen strong, independent women but they were for the most part physically frail but not Xhex. She’s the full package.

The plotline is good, you really fall in love with John and Xhex and by the end I needed them to be together for my mental health! I loved the Lash story too, even though he is an evil bastard, it was really interesting and I’ve a funny feeling we might not have seen the end of him and a teeny tiny part of me kind of hopes not. He’s a really good evil character if that makes any sense.

The more minor subplots included the love triangle between Blay, Qhuinn and Saxton which was my favourite of the lot. I also need Qhuinn and Blay to be together and the sooner Ward writes a gay sex scene the better. There was also the story of Payne who is trapped on the Other Side with the Chosen and the Scribe Virgin. She seems interesting enough but quite similar to Xhex in that she is a fighter and a tough woman with no interest in love but I’m still looking forward to her story. Then there was the little flashbacks of Darius and Thorment. These were interesting as you got to see where Thor came from and more of a back story to the Brothers.

All in all Ward can do no wrong in my eyes and the longer she keeps writing these books the better in my opinion. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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