Frostbite by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy #2)

18 Feb
Frostbite (Richelle Mead novel)

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I found myself disliking Rose in this book which disappointed me because I adored her in the first installment. She came across as so self-involved and vain and cocky that she wasn’t likeable any more at all. Some of the comments she comes out with make me want to smash her face against a wall and I’m not usually a violent person… ‘I looked good in this dress, so much better than Moroi. I have curves in all the right places. I know I looked good in a bikini.’ I’m quoting loosely there but you get the idea, vain doesn’t even cover it.

She irritated me for the most of this book and not just because of her over-the-top cockiness but because she completely failed during most of the book to think about anyone but herself. Since she is training to become (and kind of already is) a Guardian to Lissa this posed a problem to me. She clearly doesn’t give a crap about Lissa. Yes she’ll mention every now and again how she would do anything to protect her but all we actually see is some weird jealousy she has towards Lissa’s boyfriend and a complete disregard for any rules that are in place so she doesn’t slip up watching over Lissa. I suppose you could argue that she is young and immature (and boy is she that) but the point of being a Guardian is that you have to grow up quick and be mature enough to put your feelings aside for the sake of your Moroi. She clearly has not quite grasped this concept yet.

However there were also good sides to this book and although unfortunately the whole book mostly centers around Rose we do get introduced to new characters and some of the original favourites are still around. I like Adrian, he seems exciting and has an interesting approach to learning his way around spirit magic. I’m glad that Lissa has found someone like herself. I also liked the turn-around that we saw in Mia’s character. She seems like she might turn out to be someone really interesting in future books. And as for Dimitri… He still turns me on that’s for sure, however now I feel like he could definitely do a hell of a lot better than Rose as she really is way too immature for him.

The plot was good, some parts were a bit slow but the ending made up for it. I thought this was a much better ending than the first book in the series and I really found it exciting and gripping. And thankfully the ending made me warm to Rose a little bit more than I had during the entire book so at least I set it down thinking her character could improve some bit instead of feeling like this series is a lost cause two books in. Since I’ve already got all the books in the collection I will be reading on in this series and I hope and pray that they will improve as they really did start out so promising!


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