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Burned by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night #7)

Again this continued the trend of being one of my favourite series that I’m currently making my way through. Although we didn’t see as much of Zoey as we have in previous installments, surprisingly I didn’t actually miss her as much as I thought I would. Stevie Rae was more than sufficient to do the job of temporarily replacing her.

I loved the whole situation between Stevie Rae and Rephaim. It’s a relationship that should have no future because of so many different reasons but some how they are continuing down a path that everyone around them tells them they have no business being on. You begin to see the softer side of Rephaim in this book but he’s still mostly bad which I hope they don’t change in future instalments.

Zoey is stuck in the Otherworld for most of the book with the unfortunate Heath who we saw get killed by Kalona at the end of the last book. Zoey is not dead but her soul is shattered so she needs to put it back together to return to her physical body. Enter Stark. He finds his way to the Otherworld by making a trip to good old Scotland. I loved seeing an area that I’m mildly familiar with in one of these books it made them all the more lovable. Ireland next Cast!

I just really enjoy these books and as usual I’m still looking forward to the next in the series.

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Everlasting by Alyson Noel (Immortals Series #6)

After the first three or four chapters I was struggling, I really was. I thought that after all my trudging through most of this series I was going to end up abandoning it at the final hurdle but I persevered and I have to say it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in a while. The beginning was mind-numbingly stupid and was written so badly it’s amazing the publishers let her keep it in the book.

However, thank the book gods above, it did get better. After the initial mess up of the first few chapters the characters seem to find their feet somewhat and it becomes a little more readable. In fact there were many times in this book from that point on that I actually found that I was enjoying myself. Shocking, I know. I enjoyed the whole journey that Ever had to go on to find her eventual destiny, even though you knew what the ending was going to be about half way through the first book of the series, it was still interesting to see how she gets her eventual happy ending.

I enjoyed the flashback to their previous life and how their relationship began. It was nice to see how all the characters were always linked together somehow. I also was glad to see some resolve happen between all the previous bad guy characters and Ever. They needed closure as I always felt they were all got rid of way too quickly. Also thought her trip to the Tree of Life was okay, Rafe, Misa and Marco made it that bit more interesting.

Of course throughout this book there are parts where I actually cringed and thought to myself good God does this author ever read what she has written and not think ‘oh that sounds a little cliché maybe’? There are parts where I wanted to throw the book away and just give up, sure. But there were also parts where I thought ‘ah that clears that up abit’. So because of that I actually believe that this is one of the better Immortal Series books. It could just be because I’m so excited to be done with it though..

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Forever Odd by Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas Series #2)

So this was a huge improvement on the first book in my opinion. In this book I actually totally fell in love with Odd and I couldn’t get enough of his weird little ways. In the first instalment I thought it was difficult to warm to his character and I didn’t really ‘get’ his weird humor and stuff but this has all changed. I now adore this character, he’s so sweet and funny and refreshingly decent it’s just fantastic.

The plot was so much better in this novel as well, I thought. I was hooked after the first couple of chapters whereas with the first in the series I found it took me ages to get into the story even a little bit. I felt the surroundings in Forever Odd made all the difference. The first setting when Odd begins his trip are the underground drainage system beneath Pico Mundo which are huge and cavernous and seem to be miles and miles long. They first instilled in us this sense of foreboding and anticipation that continued for nearly the whole book. They were a creepy place to be in and Odd, although he never faltered on his quest, felt as uncomfortable as the reader to be down there.

The second setting was the old Panamint Resort and Casino. It’s basically an abandoned hotel that was partially destroyed by an earthquake and an ensuing fire that has never been restored or torn down. It just immediately had this creepy feeling as soon as Odd began to describe its history. Buildings like these always fascinate me and if I’m ever near an old abandoned house, barn, castle, anything, I am compelled to go in and explore even if there is do-not-enter signs hanging ominously from the gates. I think this is why this setting intrigued me so much and it’s definitely a huge part of why I enjoyed the story to the degree that I did.

The bad guy was a serious bad guy or gal as I should say. Datura was just plain evil and I wouldn’t have liked to encounter her in any scenario. She was crazy and it was actually refreshing, weirdly enough, to have a certifiable insane bad guy! Odd handled her well however and I was glad to see her get her comeuppance in the end.

All in all this was thoroughly enjoyable and I’m now really looking forward to reading the next in the series and won’t leave as much as a gap between books this time.

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Bloody Bones by Laurell K Hamilton (Anita Blake #5)

I just find that the Anita Blake books are genuinely getting better as I progress through the series. I found in the first one especially a bit confusing and it didn’t grip me hugely but now… I’m addicted.

I love Anita’s character. She is definitely not perfect and she has a skewed outlook on a few different parts of her life but she’s just so gripping and it’s the flaws in her personality that make you love her all the more. Jean-Claude, also, I’ve grown to really love as a character. He’s so dangerous and mysterious but at the same time you can’t help but feel like he definitely has a certain respect and even love for Anita that makes you think that he does have a softer side even if it may be buried deep within him. I’m also so glad that Larry was reintroduced in this book as I was really looking forward to seeing Anita’s teaching methods and she sure didn’t disappoint. He’s a cutie though and even though he’s new at his job and everything is hugely new to him he handles it surprisingly well and has strong morals that he tries desperately to hold onto even though Anita has let her’s slide hugely.

The plotline was really interesting with first the whole graveyard of 300 year old bodies to raise and then the whole scary pedophile vampire murdering young boys. The parts with Serephina and the rest of her gang were scary to say the least. I feel like Hamilton really has a great method of pulling her audience into a scene and making it feel really tense and terrifying. I loved it!

All in all these books keep getting better and the Killing Dance is already winging its way to me in an envelope from somewhere!


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