Forever Odd by Dean Koontz (Odd Thomas Series #2)

08 Mar

So this was a huge improvement on the first book in my opinion. In this book I actually totally fell in love with Odd and I couldn’t get enough of his weird little ways. In the first instalment I thought it was difficult to warm to his character and I didn’t really ‘get’ his weird humor and stuff but this has all changed. I now adore this character, he’s so sweet and funny and refreshingly decent it’s just fantastic.

The plot was so much better in this novel as well, I thought. I was hooked after the first couple of chapters whereas with the first in the series I found it took me ages to get into the story even a little bit. I felt the surroundings in Forever Odd made all the difference. The first setting when Odd begins his trip are the underground drainage system beneath Pico Mundo which are huge and cavernous and seem to be miles and miles long. They first instilled in us this sense of foreboding and anticipation that continued for nearly the whole book. They were a creepy place to be in and Odd, although he never faltered on his quest, felt as uncomfortable as the reader to be down there.

The second setting was the old Panamint Resort and Casino. It’s basically an abandoned hotel that was partially destroyed by an earthquake and an ensuing fire that has never been restored or torn down. It just immediately had this creepy feeling as soon as Odd began to describe its history. Buildings like these always fascinate me and if I’m ever near an old abandoned house, barn, castle, anything, I am compelled to go in and explore even if there is do-not-enter signs hanging ominously from the gates. I think this is why this setting intrigued me so much and it’s definitely a huge part of why I enjoyed the story to the degree that I did.

The bad guy was a serious bad guy or gal as I should say. Datura was just plain evil and I wouldn’t have liked to encounter her in any scenario. She was crazy and it was actually refreshing, weirdly enough, to have a certifiable insane bad guy! Odd handled her well however and I was glad to see her get her comeuppance in the end.

All in all this was thoroughly enjoyable and I’m now really looking forward to reading the next in the series and won’t leave as much as a gap between books this time.

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