Everlasting by Alyson Noel (Immortals Series #6)

15 Mar

After the first three or four chapters I was struggling, I really was. I thought that after all my trudging through most of this series I was going to end up abandoning it at the final hurdle but I persevered and I have to say it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in a while. The beginning was mind-numbingly stupid and was written so badly it’s amazing the publishers let her keep it in the book.

However, thank the book gods above, it did get better. After the initial mess up of the first few chapters the characters seem to find their feet somewhat and it becomes a little more readable. In fact there were many times in this book from that point on that I actually found that I was enjoying myself. Shocking, I know. I enjoyed the whole journey that Ever had to go on to find her eventual destiny, even though you knew what the ending was going to be about half way through the first book of the series, it was still interesting to see how she gets her eventual happy ending.

I enjoyed the flashback to their previous life and how their relationship began. It was nice to see how all the characters were always linked together somehow. I also was glad to see some resolve happen between all the previous bad guy characters and Ever. They needed closure as I always felt they were all got rid of way too quickly. Also thought her trip to the Tree of Life was okay, Rafe, Misa and Marco made it that bit more interesting.

Of course throughout this book there are parts where I actually cringed and thought to myself good God does this author ever read what she has written and not think ‘oh that sounds a little cliché maybe’? There are parts where I wanted to throw the book away and just give up, sure. But there were also parts where I thought ‘ah that clears that up abit’. So because of that I actually believe that this is one of the better Immortal Series books. It could just be because I’m so excited to be done with it though..

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