A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire #1)

13 Apr

This is definitely a huge hunk of gooood reading!! Even though this book is quite long being over 800 pages it never once dragged for me. Its done in the multiple narrative style that I like so very much so even though I might not have loved all the characters equally you never got the chance to get that sick of them that the dislike turned to hate.

My favourite characters were probably Tyrion and Daenarys. I loved Tyrion because he brought an element of humor into almost every situation and he was so smart and intelligent that you really wait with bated breath to see what he’ll come up with next to get himself out of a sticky situation he may be in. Daenarys was interesting to me because she really was forced into a situation that most girls would find unimaginably terrible but did she break down and give up? No. She embraced her new life and learned to live in different and sometimes terrifying ways that she could never have imagined previously. I also loved some of the characters we only got to see through Daenarys, such as Drogo and Ser Jorah.

I had been warned by some people, that the book was hard to follow and was so complex and has so many different characters that it became confusing and hard to follow. I can’t say that I experienced this at all. I found the book so well written and so well laid out that I actually couldn’t find a flaw in it. Which, considering the books length and depth, is really impressive. I didn’t get confused because I thought that most of the characters had such distinct stories that it was impossible to confuse one with another. For example a chapter following Eddard Stark was based for the majority of the book in Kings Landing and he was surrounded by a host of royal characters, a chapter on Jon, Starks bastard son, was based on the Wall where he was serving his time on the Night’s Watch, a chapter on Daenarys was based in a completely different land with the Dothraki surrounding her. I don’t see much of a basis for confusion. The only slightly difficult part to get used to was the sheer amount of characters but after reading a chapter from each of their points of view you won’t forget who’s who in a hurry.

The only character I had issues with was Sansa, I found her so weak and annoying that I didn’t warm to her until right near the very end. She had her loyalties and her heart in all the wrong places and felt the urge to scream at the book more than once when I was reading her chapters.

The way the plot moves along is exciting to say the least. Since I haven’t watched the tv series or read one of these books before everything was new to me and I was surprised more than once. There are numerous twists and turns in this book that will keep you on your toes for sure. If you like fantasy epics, then this is for you. It’s the best game of ‘I’m the King of the Castle’ you’ll ever play!

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