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By The Time You Read This by Lola Jaye

You know I read this years ago and it has always stuck in my head as something really interesting. There are definite flaws with this book but its got such an unusual concept that I ignored them on the first read. The second time around it was a bit harder. Maybe this just goes to show I’ve become a much harder person to please. Bookwise anyway!

So basically the story begins when Lois is 12 and she receives a handwritten book from her Aunt that has been written by her Dad before he passed away when she was five. It basically serves as a type of manual of advice for her through all her birthdays from twelve to thirty. This sounds like a good concept and even though nine times out of ten his advice was sound sometimes Lois read it the completely wrong way to which he intended her to and I got a tad frustrated by her I will admit.

First of all she’s a first-rate bitch to her poor mother and her mother’s new husband who she eternally holds a grudge against even though technically she never even knew her own father and her mam’s new husband ain’t a bad guy either. By the way, by doing this she is completely going against her dad’s wishes in the manual, which I found strange considering she’d stick like glue to some of his other wishes. This attitude doesn’t change throughout the book until she’s nearly thirty. (So we can’t blame it on a childhood phase.)

She makes pretty poor choices when it comes to men also, with none of her (many) conquests measuring up to her dead Dad. It actually seemed to me on the second read of this book that getting her father’s manual actually might have made Lois’ life a whole lot worse than if she had never received anything. She made choices completely on the advice of the book and not what she actually wanted herself and although she experienced some good things that maybe without the book she wouldn’t have, she also experienced a whole lot of unhappiness.

Everything of course comes right in the end but when we see her starting to write a manual for her own little baby-in-making I must admit I recoiled in horror a little. Why would she want to put her own child through something like that, being completely dependent on a book and someone elses opinion to make their way through life. Not me…

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If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

First edition cover

First edition cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Cecelia Ahern. She just knows how to write a good book and no one can deny that. In this novel we meet Ivan a ‘Invisible Friend’ whose job it is to befriend little kids who for some reason or other need their company for a few weeks or months. At first Ivan thinks he has arrived in Fuchsia Lane to befriend Luke a six-year-old boy, but he comes to realise slowly that it’s actually Luke’s aunt Elizabeth that really needs his help.

It’s such an interesting concept, this storyline, that you’re immediately drawn into the book and I found it hard to stop thinking about when I wasn’t reading it. It was great to see the surprise in both Ivan and Elizabeth when Ivan slowly started to become visible to her. Even though on Elizabeth’s part she convinces herself that he is the father of one of Luke’s playmates. Ivan is such a sweet character that I started to want an imaginary friend!

The book is well written and not only do you get to love each character in the story but I also fell in love with Baile na gCroithe and its simple Irish ways. I live in a part of Ireland very similar to a town like this (we often have the same debacle with buses trying to fit over the bridge at the entrance to the town) and even though its described as a lonely, isolated spot in the book, I adore it. And weirdly I adore it even more in the depths of Winter when it’s at its loneliest!

As with all Ahern’s books you arrive at the ending with a slightly heavy heart (there’s bound to be tears) but with an uplifted attitude to the more mundane things in life.


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Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (The Dresden Files #2)

As I suspected with after reading the first in this series I enjoyed the second book much more than the first mainly because I knew a little of Harry Dresden’s world and it wasn’t so completely new to me. I find that the first book in a series can either be one that hooks you from the start and explains everything to you bit by bit and you get used to the world the characters are living in at an easy pace or it can be one that just throws you in at the deep end and you have to make the best of it and figure things out as you go along maybe a couple of chapters after the thing has already happened!

Storm Front fell into the second type for me. I enjoyed it but it took me a long time to get into and I was confused about the world he was living in for about sixty percent of the time. However it was still a good read and ended really well so I was determined to give the series another shot. And I was right to do so. Like with the Anita Blake series, the second installment was so much easier to understand and follow and it was a hell of a lot more exciting.

We get to see the more human side of Dresden in this instalment and it was nice to see he burns out just like the rest of us. I also loved the whole storyline. It was so refreshing to read a book about werewolves where they didn’t revert back into topless teenage boys who fall hopelessly in love with the wrong girl, at every turn. It was like a breath of fresh air. The werewolves were, wait for it…..


Shocker, I know. Who would have thought that these shapeshifters we’re all being led to believe by nefarious authors like Meyer and Stiefvater aren’t just big over-sized cuddly dogs but extremely dangerous inhuman evil creatures?

That’s sarcasm by the way. I’m so sick of monsters not being monsters that this book was just the antidote I needed. Now I will admit that not all the werewolves in this book were necessarily evil when in human form but the majority were both evil when furry and hairless. Ah the supernatural world the way it should be….

All in all you can see that I enjoyed this book. It whet my appetite for the next instalment an it’s definitely a series I’ll be investing in more of when I can.

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Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy #3)

This was the best in this series so far in my humble opinion! Rose annoyed me only once in a while and I found her so much easier to like in this instalment. The ending of the last book was a humdinger and this book begins pretty much where the last left off. It continues that exciting pace and the interesting storyline just gets better.

We see Rose trying to cope with the death of Mason in the previous novel and at first she herself, and everyone else, thinks she’s losing the plot slightly as she starts to see his ghost popping up everywhere. Eventually we learn that there is a logical (if you can call it that) explanation for her ghost sightings.

The relationship heats up so much between her and Dimitri that it really just can’t get any hotter. I was so glad that they finally found a way to be together and were all set on getting everything sorted for their future but the then it all goes tits-up, basically.

The ending is pretty epic with a major fight scene on the grounds of St Vladimirs as the Strigoi break through the wards and attack the school. Rose and Christian are pretty cool during this part and I was so glad to see the Moroi finally standing up for themselves a little bit because man, was I getting sick of them treating the Dhampirs like slaves/bodyguards/sacrificial lambs.

The ending was a slight surprise to me as I didn’t think that Rose would give up on Lissa that easily. I mean she spent the first two books giving up everything in her life to focus on Lissa and now she just ends up leaving her? I know Dimitri is a major factor in Rose’s life and she wants to find out what exactly has happened him but he was never so important that she would give Lissa up so why now? I found that bit a tad hard to believe. Especially considering if she just asked Lissa I’m sure she would have been willing to actually help her. I’m a little nervous of the next book as it will take place outside of the setting we’re used to seeing all the characters in so it could be really, really good or it could be really, really bad.

But this was much better!

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