Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy #3)

10 May

This was the best in this series so far in my humble opinion! Rose annoyed me only once in a while and I found her so much easier to like in this instalment. The ending of the last book was a humdinger and this book begins pretty much where the last left off. It continues that exciting pace and the interesting storyline just gets better.

We see Rose trying to cope with the death of Mason in the previous novel and at first she herself, and everyone else, thinks she’s losing the plot slightly as she starts to see his ghost popping up everywhere. Eventually we learn that there is a logical (if you can call it that) explanation for her ghost sightings.

The relationship heats up so much between her and Dimitri that it really just can’t get any hotter. I was so glad that they finally found a way to be together and were all set on getting everything sorted for their future but the then it all goes tits-up, basically.

The ending is pretty epic with a major fight scene on the grounds of St Vladimirs as the Strigoi break through the wards and attack the school. Rose and Christian are pretty cool during this part and I was so glad to see the Moroi finally standing up for themselves a little bit because man, was I getting sick of them treating the Dhampirs like slaves/bodyguards/sacrificial lambs.

The ending was a slight surprise to me as I didn’t think that Rose would give up on Lissa that easily. I mean she spent the first two books giving up everything in her life to focus on Lissa and now she just ends up leaving her? I know Dimitri is a major factor in Rose’s life and she wants to find out what exactly has happened him but he was never so important that she would give Lissa up so why now? I found that bit a tad hard to believe. Especially considering if she just asked Lissa I’m sure she would have been willing to actually help her. I’m a little nervous of the next book as it will take place outside of the setting we’re used to seeing all the characters in so it could be really, really good or it could be really, really bad.

But this was much better!

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