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Dragon’s Oath by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night Novellas #1)

So I wasn’t overly excited about these new novellas the Cast women are bringing out, mainly because there are so many authors doing this lately that I’ve personally got a little tired of it. Sometimes the original story is enough. I don’t need to know everything about every minor character.

However, because I’m a little OCD I find it very hard not to read every book in a series, spin-off, prequels and novellas included. And so I sat down to read this on my Kindle which I had abandoned to a dusty shelf for the last three or four months simply for not being a book. I try to use my Kindle for books I’m not overly excited about but still want or need (OCD related) to read. These little novellas are perfect for Kindles however, mainly because they’re small and compact just like the Kindle itself. Anyway I’m beginning to sound like an Amazon saleswoman so I’ll continue to the actual review.

This was not a let down in the slightest. As previously mentioned I wasn’t excited about this book but not just for aforementioned reason. I never really liked Dragon. If this was a book based on Rephaims former life or Kalona or even Neferet I would have been super excited but Dragon… He just never appealed to me. He’s kinda handy with a sword, sure but so are a bunch of other vampyres who we care more about. By the end of this book I LOVE Dragon Lankford. You get to understand everything about why he made his unexpected decision at the end of Awakened and even though I prayed for a different ending to this book it didn’t change much but you can so see why.

Anastacia, who we had never really seen before, is also a lovely interesting character who I was delighted that we got to see more of a background of. Her and Dragon really had a lovely story of how they got together and I understand, now, his ultimate depression after her death and his unwillingness to forgive and forget.

I look forward now to more of these novellas. I know there is one already released on Lenobia and I am pretty intrigued to read that one now and learn more of the history of the Houses of Night and how the professors all came to end up where they are in their present lives.

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The New World by Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking Prequel)

This was super, super short and really wasn’t anything terribly exciting. Yes it explained a little bit more about Viola and her ship but when I say a little I really mean a little. Other than that there just wasn’t a whole lot going on.

We meet Viola on her ship where she lives with other new settlers which include her parents. For some reason she’s going through what is basically an adolescent tantrum stage where she hates her parents and the fact that they’ve been chosen to be on the scout ship. Made no sense to me as obviously she’s been on a colony ship all her life and this is what they’ve all been waiting for.

To be honest this prequel did nothing for me only be glad that the ‘Chaos Walking Trilogy’ itself hasn’t succumbed to this boring writing style yet (I haven’t read the last book so can’t comment there). I was disappointed with the stubborn, prepubescent teenager side of Viola we see in this and have no urge to see it again.

Ultimately a bit of a let down, but at least it’s free on Kindle.

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Awakened by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night #8)

So this was just as good as its predecessors where the storyline and characters are concerned but there was some minor differences that I didn’t enjoy so much. It’s the first time I’ve sighed in frustration or disappointment while reading a House of Night book so I suppose it is something to be worried about concerning where the books are heading.

First of all the style of writing has changed somewhat. Why at the end of every single chapter do they feel the need to insert what they think is a ‘cliffhanger moment’? I actually lost count of the amount of times a chapter ended with the phrase ‘Soon Zoey would remember this moment as the last time she felt truly happy’ or ‘Little did anyone know that soon everything would change’. Boring… It’s okay to do this once, you’re pushing it at twice but the authors decided that literally every chapter should end this way in this book. Why? It doesn’t add to the suspense after the second time it just made me roll my eyes in frustration mostly. And I got a little pissed because basically they’re mini spoilers.

The other thing that annoyed me was the way she had some characters act in this installment, Aphrodite and the Twins (who I now think are stupid characters, thank God she isn’t writing big parts for them anymore) were so blase about poor Jack dying it kind of annoyed me to say the least. There were a few other minor flaws too but my rant is now over so I digress.

Apart from those flaws, the books storyline was great. It was definitely one of my favourite House of Night books in that regard. I was delighted that Neferet returned to Tulsa because lets face it she is one of the most interesting characters. So obviously I really enjoyed the chapters from her point of view as they’re so wickedly evil compared to the teenyboppers.

About the teenyboppers, I am beginning to love Stevie Rae and fall out of love with Zoey. Now don’t get me wrong I still like her and think she’s great blah, blah, blah but Stevie Rae is so much more interesting. I adored the storyline between her and Rephaim and am a little disappointed to see it come to some sort of conclusion because I loved the cloak and dagger aspect of it more than anything. Hopefully Rephaim will continue to battle his Dark side and he won’t become a total sap.

I’m wary of this new thing Kalona is trying with Stark as it’s kinda creepy in a lot of ways especially since he’s tending to do it when they’re in the middle of an intimate moment. I hope Stark figures it out soon and then they find a way to stop it, I think killing off another of  boyfriends would be a step too far. There’s only so much one girl can take. I think ultimately Kalona will turn from Darkness and return to his Goddess. Hopefully we get to see more of him either way cos he’s wickedly delicious!

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Lover Unleashed by JR Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood #9)

As always I adore these books and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s actually been the longest period of time I’ve left between reading BDB books and it felt so good to read one again. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.
In this instalment we meet Payne who previously we had only seen sparring with Wrath in the Sanctuary. She turns out to be a lot more complex a character than I had previously believed and I loved her by the end of the book. I had a fear that this would resemble John and Xhex’s book all too much with the tough female and the not-as-tough-but-really-he-is-just-doesn’t-know-it-yet guy but it was completely different so well done to Ward for that. Manny is one of the most different characters we’ve seen in the BDB books, I thought. He isn’t as keen to become part of the vampire family as previous outsiders have, such as Butch and John Matthew. He is extremely wary of the situation and although he loves Payne doesn’t forget to think of himself once in a while too. I found this so refreshing as previously we’ve seen all the in-love couples give up everything for their partner, no questions asked.
Also enjoyed the subplots of Xcor and Qhuinn. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Xcor and his band of brothers in future instalments and I also believe he may not turn out to be quite as bad as he likes to think he is. All he needs is a good woman. Throe sounds interesting too and didn’t Zypher remind you of Zsadist in the beginning just a little bit?! Their introduction was an interesting development to say the least.
Qhuinn and Blay….

Will they ever get over their idiocy and get together? I sure hope so. And I hope we see that relationship played out in GREAT detail!

Was much happier to see more of Jane and Vishous than I would have thought I would be before reading this book. Looking back on all the BDB books that have come before this one, I now feel that maybe their’s was the weakest even though at the time I loved it. This book goes a long way to clear things up between them though. I really enjoyed seeing their relationship progress and we got to see a side of Vishous that we’ve never really seen before.

My only flaw is that Manny didn’t do the ancestor regression thing. I want to know how he’s related to Butch for sure and I want him to become a true half-breed vampire,  fangs and all. Maybe she’s saving that for future books though. With any luck!

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