Awakened by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night #8)

25 Jun

So this was just as good as its predecessors where the storyline and characters are concerned but there was some minor differences that I didn’t enjoy so much. It’s the first time I’ve sighed in frustration or disappointment while reading a House of Night book so I suppose it is something to be worried about concerning where the books are heading.

First of all the style of writing has changed somewhat. Why at the end of every single chapter do they feel the need to insert what they think is a ‘cliffhanger moment’? I actually lost count of the amount of times a chapter ended with the phrase ‘Soon Zoey would remember this moment as the last time she felt truly happy’ or ‘Little did anyone know that soon everything would change’. Boring… It’s okay to do this once, you’re pushing it at twice but the authors decided that literally every chapter should end this way in this book. Why? It doesn’t add to the suspense after the second time it just made me roll my eyes in frustration mostly. And I got a little pissed because basically they’re mini spoilers.

The other thing that annoyed me was the way she had some characters act in this installment, Aphrodite and the Twins (who I now think are stupid characters, thank God she isn’t writing big parts for them anymore) were so blase about poor Jack dying it kind of annoyed me to say the least. There were a few other minor flaws too but my rant is now over so I digress.

Apart from those flaws, the books storyline was great. It was definitely one of my favourite House of Night books in that regard. I was delighted that Neferet returned to Tulsa because lets face it she is one of the most interesting characters. So obviously I really enjoyed the chapters from her point of view as they’re so wickedly evil compared to the teenyboppers.

About the teenyboppers, I am beginning to love Stevie Rae and fall out of love with Zoey. Now don’t get me wrong I still like her and think she’s great blah, blah, blah but Stevie Rae is so much more interesting. I adored the storyline between her and Rephaim and am a little disappointed to see it come to some sort of conclusion because I loved the cloak and dagger aspect of it more than anything. Hopefully Rephaim will continue to battle his Dark side and he won’t become a total sap.

I’m wary of this new thing Kalona is trying with Stark as it’s kinda creepy in a lot of ways especially since he’s tending to do it when they’re in the middle of an intimate moment. I hope Stark figures it out soon and then they find a way to stop it, I think killing off another of  boyfriends would be a step too far. There’s only so much one girl can take. I think ultimately Kalona will turn from Darkness and return to his Goddess. Hopefully we get to see more of him either way cos he’s wickedly delicious!

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