The New World by Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking Prequel)

25 Jun

This was super, super short and really wasn’t anything terribly exciting. Yes it explained a little bit more about Viola and her ship but when I say a little I really mean a little. Other than that there just wasn’t a whole lot going on.

We meet Viola on her ship where she lives with other new settlers which include her parents. For some reason she’s going through what is basically an adolescent tantrum stage where she hates her parents and the fact that they’ve been chosen to be on the scout ship. Made no sense to me as obviously she’s been on a colony ship all her life and this is what they’ve all been waiting for.

To be honest this prequel did nothing for me only be glad that the ‘Chaos Walking Trilogy’ itself hasn’t succumbed to this boring writing style yet (I haven’t read the last book so can’t comment there). I was disappointed with the stubborn, prepubescent teenager side of Viola we see in this and have no urge to see it again.

Ultimately a bit of a let down, but at least it’s free on Kindle.

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