Dragon’s Oath by PC and Kirstin Cast (House of Night Novellas #1)

26 Jun

So I wasn’t overly excited about these new novellas the Cast women are bringing out, mainly because there are so many authors doing this lately that I’ve personally got a little tired of it. Sometimes the original story is enough. I don’t need to know everything about every minor character.

However, because I’m a little OCD I find it very hard not to read every book in a series, spin-off, prequels and novellas included. And so I sat down to read this on my Kindle which I had abandoned to a dusty shelf for the last three or four months simply for not being a book. I try to use my Kindle for books I’m not overly excited about but still want or need (OCD related) to read. These little novellas are perfect for Kindles however, mainly because they’re small and compact just like the Kindle itself. Anyway I’m beginning to sound like an Amazon saleswoman so I’ll continue to the actual review.

This was not a let down in the slightest. As previously mentioned I wasn’t excited about this book but not just for aforementioned reason. I never really liked Dragon. If this was a book based on Rephaims former life or Kalona or even Neferet I would have been super excited but Dragon… He just never appealed to me. He’s kinda handy with a sword, sure but so are a bunch of other vampyres who we care more about. By the end of this book I LOVE Dragon Lankford. You get to understand everything about why he made his unexpected decision at the end of Awakened and even though I prayed for a different ending to this book it didn’t change much but you can so see why.

Anastacia, who we had never really seen before, is also a lovely interesting character who I was delighted that we got to see more of a background of. Her and Dragon really had a lovely story of how they got together and I understand, now, his ultimate depression after her death and his unwillingness to forgive and forget.

I look forward now to more of these novellas. I know there is one already released on Lenobia and I am pretty intrigued to read that one now and learn more of the history of the Houses of Night and how the professors all came to end up where they are in their present lives.

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