The Help by Kathyrn Stockett

21 Jul

ICover of "The Help" do try to read something that’s supposed to be ‘highly intellectual’ every once in a while and so when this was being passed around at work I took it home and gave it a try. Obviously when a book is so successful that it makes its way to the big screen there has to be something right with it. Nine times out of ten the books are even better than the film adaptation and with that in mind I always try to read them first and watch the film second. I like to see the characters brought to life on the big screen and see if they’re what I imagined instead of having preconceived ideas in my head before I read a book of what the characters are like. I haven’t seen the film version of the Help but I will after reading this book I’m sure of it.

The Help is one of those books that as you’re reading it you know that this book will still be popping into your head a year from now just cause it can. It’s a stick-with-you story and I loved it. All the characters are irresistible, even Hilly. The two black protagonists Minny and Aibileen are probably my favourites just because it was so refreshing to see their side of the story and see how they felt when their white bosses talked to them with such blatant racism and without so much of a hint of shame.

I know that these were the times that these women lived in but at times I sat reading with my mouth hanging open at the thought that this is what actually may have happened in households across Southern America. It just amazes me. I suppose I grew up not only in such a different time period but also Ireland is a country where even now there are not a huge amount of coloured people living here and they were never here during a time when there was segregation between people just because of the colour of their skin. There are of course other types of racism in Ireland and the most brutal amongst ourselves sometimes. You don’t have to have different coloured skin to the people around you to suffer from racial abuse. However, the Help made me understand what these parts of the world were like at one time in history and how far they have come since. I can only hope that books like these continue to open closed minds to a world where everyone is the same no matter what colour skin you were born into.

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One response to “The Help by Kathyrn Stockett

  1. Brittany

    July 21, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    I’m glad you enjoyed this as well!


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