Countdown by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Series #0.5)

25 Jul

At the moment I’m going through a zombie loving phase. I’m absolutely addicted to the Walking Dead TV series and I’ve always been a massive Resident Evil fan. Shaun of the Dead remains one my favourite films of all time if you have not seen it then please do. Soon. On that note the weird thing is, is that the zombie book craze completely passed me by. I had seen this series once or twice before on amazon or whatnot and it kind of only vaguely interested me. Why? I have no clue. For some reason a zombie related book didn’t appeal to me in the same way a film or tv show did. Maybe because zombies are so visually scary that I was nervous my imagination wouldn’t quite match up to the Romeros of the modern world. How wrong was I?

My imagination should never be doubted I realise that now. Countdown doesn’t actually have a huge amount of zombies in it, mainly because it tells the story of how the two virus strains were released into the atmosphere and combined to make the Kellis-Amberlee virus that unfortunately makes some people just turn straight into zombies and raises others from the dead. The zombies that it does have are scary and easy to imagine trust me.

I was glad I read this little Novella as it just made the trilogy all the more appealing to me and I’ll definitely be investing in it as soon as I can. Feed, here I come!


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