Fed by Mira Grant (Newsflesh Novella)

07 Aug

This is basically an alternate ending to the novel Feed. I’ve only just finished Feed so it was still fresh enough in my mind that I could really imagine an alternate scenario.

However, the question remains that did Feed really need an alternate ending? In my opinion the answer is no it did not. The ending to Feed was brilliant and unexpected and everything you could ask for in a good ending. Fed is mostly the same but just switching around what happens to the different characters.

It was interesting only from a fan point of view as you got to see what could have happened if things panned out differently but literally I think the way Feed was originally written was ultimately the best way to end the book and I’m glad Mira went with the version she did.

I’m still looking forward to Deadline and I think even more so because of the ending in Feed. I’m not sure where I would stand on the successive novel if this alternate ending had been used in Feed. I definitely wouldn’t be as excited that’s for sure. Still for the hard-core fans out there this will mildly entertain you until you can get your hands on Deadline. Oh and DO NOT READ this if you haven’t read Feed as it will completely spoil the whole storyline for you.

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